Centennial Foundation is a pan-Sri Lankan movement committed to social empowerment and environmental sustainability while raising our ambitions to build a more equitable and inclusive future. Since its inception in 2022, the movement has initiated many projects targeting various economically backward communities, while supporting conservative efforts in the country.

Driven by a group of enthusiastic professionals from diversified backgrounds, the Centennial Foundation pushes the social limitations to create a sustainable and environmentally conducive society. We thrive on finding innovative solutions for the country’s persisting socio-economic and socio-environmental issues and concerns.

Centennial Foundation

Aims to create a sustainable & inclusive society for all beings

comunity Development

Community Development focuses on improving and empowering the quality of life in communities scattered across the country. The Centennial Foundation aims to sustain existing resources and build assets ensuring the communities actively participate in enhancing their livelihoods and income levels.

Education & Literacy

The Centennial Foundation believes that education is a basic human right, fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a just society. The Education and Literacy Avenue allows the communities to build capacity and knowledge while helping them make informed decisions to improve their quality of life.

Environment & Wildlife Conservation

The growth and development endanger the habitats and existence of various types of wildlife around the world. The Centennial Foundation provides strategic frameworks and guidance for conservation actions in identified parts of the country with the support of surrounding communities while encouraging the use of sustainable livelihood methods.

Our Impact

Working together with relevant key stakeholders and partners can have a greater impact on middle- and low-income communities and their livelihoods. Therefore, the Centennial Foundation focuses its efforts on community development, including quality education, employment opportunities, and sustainable conservation to enhance the well-being of the communities.

Empower Communities to Ensure Sustainable Growth

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